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Pins and Needles

I have a giant echidna in my living room. That is to say, my couch tends to function as a giant pin cushion. Now, I don’t stick pins in it while I’m sewing, but I do stick them in it as I find them in the weeks following.


I did warn the boy, before we agreed to cohabit, that this was an assumed risk of living with me. Though, I blame the magnetism of my room-mates and family, afterall, I have never stepped on a pin.

 Unfortunately, I loose the argument. Echidnas do not belong in Brisbane, and pins do not belong in couches. Get a pin cushion, you say? I am too clumsy to have the type that attached to the wrist, and to unsteady to have one sitting beside me, where I would have to stop guiding the fabric for a second. Ingeniously, I attached my pin cushion (hand-made) to my sewing machine. It seemed like a good solution, but I have to say, I still only manage to get 50% of the pins into it. 


I am considering attaching some sort of magnet to the machine, but I fear this would interfere with the digital components. What do all the other sewers do about this problem, I wonder?


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