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Treasure Island

My reading repertoire consists predominantly of books published by Penguin, with the few odd Wordsworth thrown in there. This is partly because I love orange and partly because if I don’t enjoy it, which is rare, at least I know it will make me smarter in an academic sense. This week I read Treasure Island. It was my sisters copy; a recently released, pretty cloth hardcover. Very lovely to look at.


Treasure Island was written for adventurous boys of a century past. I did very much enjoy the first part of the book before they got to the Island. The characters were well developed, the descriptions of the settings were vivid, and the atmosphere was very well established. The fact that the book was not written with me in mind means they lost me somewhere around the middle with the fighting and action sequences.

 I get a bit lost when there are battles and fights in books. I can’t keep track of who is doing what, who has an advantage, or who is winning. It’s a shame because there is a lot of mystery, intrigue and strategy but I struggled to find it between all the sinking, shooting and swimming.

 If you are like me, you probably won’t get through the whole book easily (not that it is very long, but there is a lot of re-reading involved), but I do think it’s worth the struggle.

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