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My most recent excursion to Archives bookstore on Charlotte Street, Brisbane, was delightful. It was pouring today, and as I jumped onto the front stoop, I could feel the warmth emanating from the store. They are the only retailer in Brisbane that realises that we are having an unseasonably cold Summer and do not need the air-conditioning cranked up. I first visited this store 10 years ago, and still love visiting, as they have the right balance between mustiness and organisation. Located in what used to be a publishing house, it has lovely high shelves, a huge variety, and clunky wooden floors. Picked up and am now reading A Passage to India.


 I have also attempted the book covering that was featured here. It was such a brilliant, simple idea, but one which I have only ever used on notebooks. I do have an issue with larger books as the scrap-booking paper won’t cover it, but I suppose I could find a nice wrapping paper or some old wallpaper.This has added to the consistent aesthetics of my bookshelf immensely, as I like to organise my books by colour and size, rather than alphabetically. I also arrange my wardrobe by colour. Is that bizarre? Fear not, my kitchen is by logical category.


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What to save?

We had to evacuate at about 1am on Tuesday night (Brisbane floods and all). What did I save? My sewing machine, some clothes, pillows, documents, precious jewellery and that’s about it. Unfortunately my little car is not big enough to save much else.

Went for rubber necking this morning and couldn’t get anywhere near the house.

 Supermarkets are empty but my Anzac biscuits are going down a treat.

I am trying to think of a craft project using wet books (as I fear I will have a LOT of them). Ideas so far include making my own paper, sticking them together to make a box, and general collages with the covers.

Stay tuned…

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