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Jiminy Cricket!

You may remember that a few weeks ago I bought a basil plant at the Rocklea Markets. It has been growing superbly, unlike any other basil I have attempted to grow. I have been able to use it frequently as it is sprouting so quickly.

Yesterday I noticed that the leaves were looking ratty. At first, I though it was just dying, like the rest of my plants. However, upon closer inspection I noticed it had been eaten. I looked around for a caterpillar for a few minutes before noticing a perfectly basil-coloured grasshopper. As cute as he was, I couldn’t have him eating my plants.

Not wanting to use chemicals (defies the point of growing my own), I got some old netting that I had left over from making a  tutu-type underskirt, stapled it into a pillow-case and slipped it over the pot. Works a charm as Mr Grasshopper has been sitting on the outside of it for a few hours now.


I guess he’ll have to go back to plain old grass.


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To Market, To Market

I went to the Brisbane Markets in Rocklea today for the first time in a very long time. They are recovering very well after the floods. After my poor experience with seedless lemons, I felt the need to find some vegetables which retain some semblance of being a plant once upon a time. 

I had the aim of only spending $20 on fresh veges, but went a bit off track.

Brain flowers

Does anyone know the name of these flowers? I usually just call them ‘brain flowers’. Will have to google this one.

Dragon fruit

I’m not sure if people outside the tropics get this one but I love it. The best description I could give of its flavour is it tastes like fruit. Nothing too overpowering, along the lines of grapes and apples. When I was in Cambodia I lived on dragon fruit as it was so cheap there but can be up to $9 a kilo here.

Sweet basil

apparently there isn’t just ‘basil’. It comes in all sorts of flavours. Overwhelmed, I just took the genus I recognised, as the others seemed to lend themselves more to Thai cooking than Italian.

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety-jig


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