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Cousez une jupe

I didn’t learn ballet as a little girl. I instead endured portly coaches sitting on me in an attempt to turn me into a flexible gymnast. When I had tired of New Age yoga teachers and protein fuelled gym instructors, I decided to take up ballet.

Currently I am learning to pirouette. Singular. There’s a lot of falling over involved. I decided that what I really need twirl is an aqua little number.

Laying the fabric over a bought skirt, it was cut and hemmed within half an hour. Armed with my swishy skirt, I promptly chassed into the kitchen. My head whirled around, my arms stayed in a perfect oval, my working leg didn’t wave about like a rag doll. I may not have been able to do another since but I still feel this project was a success in both the ballet and sewing departments.

Story for another day (coming up)… Queensland Ballet Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland.

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