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While in the northern hemisphere it is Spring as we approach Eater, here in Brisbane it is Autumn. We do not have the same array of colour and blossoms. Then again, flowers are not common in Brisbane in general as they are either dehydrated or drowned. In Autumn we do not have the rich oranges and reds of the north, as our native trees generally aren’t deciduous, and those that are, for the most part, just turn death-brown and fall off quickly.

Fun at night

So what can we do to bring some Spring-colour into the Easter season? I like to draw colourful pictures on the footpath with chalk. Those of you with children would be familiar with this one – though it is equally fun for adults. At a party of mine, we brought out the chalk at around 10pm, and my inebriated friends delighted in the task. I’m sure you will be too – if you can brave those judgemental neighbours!



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3 responses to “Chalk

  1. What a great idea! Last weekend, kids in our neighborhood went crazy with the sidewalk chalk (including a pretty gigantic hopscotch course). Adults definitely need to get in on the fun.

    • Hop scotch is a must-have childhood experience, though I have to admit, my hopping skills aren’t what they used to be! I think also for adults, who are hard on themselves, chalk is a good way to be artistic without having to be good.

  2. numbered_verses

    Hi livingdelilah,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yours is a great creative cave, so I’m sure to return. Also looking forward to my first Easter in Brisbane 🙂

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