I don’t have any projects to share this weekend for two reasons; I have a post-grad assignment due Monday and have been completing some mending tasks I’ve been putting off for a while.

I think mending has become a forgotten task in today’s world where everything is cheap and interchangeable.


I tend to spend a bit of extra money on fewer unique items, instead of many cheap trendy ones. So when something become worn and torn, I’ll fix rather then toss it. It saves money in the long run and the environment, so even if you could replace that black T with another, why would you?

Mending I do includes: redying – expecally faded black, replacing buttons to brighten up old cardigans and dresses, tossing stretched items into a hot dryer, shaving ‘pilling’ sweaters, re-heeling or dying shoes, and good ol’ stiching.



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11 responses to “Mending

  1. Ah good for you. I like some mending – I darn socks and little holes in other clothes, have done the odd “fun” (as well as ordinary) button replacement, and shaving of pilling (peeling?) sweaters. I have often thought about the hot dryer thing. Does it really work, and how long does it last?

    • yes, pilling… silly spell check! It’ll usually last longer than, say, wearing in your jeans. I do it for knits/wool as they tend to be stretched in all directions, but I’ll won’t for a skirt because the dryer might make it into a mini 🙂

  2. That’s really cool. But does it take a lot of time to do these things? I think that that would be the reason why not a lot of people really do that.

    • Thanks for stopping by.
      It doesn’t take any time at all. Dying or drying – just chuck clothes in and walk away. Resewing seams or getting rid of pilling can be done while waiting for pasta to boil, or a cake to bake. It’s certainly quicker than going to the shops, finding a park, finding a replacement, waiting at the checkout, and driving home.
      If time is stopping people, they need to do the maths, for both time and money.

  3. What do you use to shave sweaters? I have a few that I love, but don’t wear anymore because of that problem.

    • Literally a razor blades, though obviously not ones with the gell of foam built on, as so many have these days. I jsut go bit by bit. Alternatively, you can buy ones specially made for sweaters, though they’re one of those things you see one week at the shops, and not the next.

      • I have a special tool … it’s like a very fine tooth metal comb or, better description, a little metal rod covered in fin metal “hair”. You slide this over the pilling item and bob’s your uncle off the pills come! My aunt gave this to me years and years ago and it’s a real treasure. It’s called an Eezy Fabric Comb … Google it and you will find it.

  4. That’s “finE metal hair” not “fin”.

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