Unexpected Gifts

Vintage Gifts

I was lucky enough to be given a box of original vintage dress pattern, spanning from the 50s to 80s by a colleague of my sister. The thing about vintage patterns is the original owner would have cut them to their size, and only kept the bits they want. So while originally patterns come with variations and size options, these won’t be included in most second-hand packets. I am lucky to be short, and thus naturally petite, so this wasn’t such an issue, but it’s something to be aware of.

I made the above 1950 top for work out of one of these patterns using a quilting fabric. While they can seem stiff in the store, after a wash they soften up, and certainly even more so after it is worn and washed several times. They work well for older patterns which are tailored and structured, but probably not good for flowing, or very tight outfits, as they have no give.

I make a lot of clothes out of pretty quilting fabric

I have issues with side zips, and getting them to merge into the shape of the piece. This top I wear with a waist-hight skirt so it’s not such an issue. I like using buttons to break up necklines, as you would have seen on my Delftware dress.

Another vintage pattern

I have to say, I used to be one of those people who would throw out the bits of pattern I don’t use, rather than try and fit them back into the packet. However, since becoming an owner and user of second hand patterns, I have tried not to do this. You never know who might have a use for them down the track. I would like to make this 1954 pattern to the right next, but I haven’t yet been brave enough to see if it’s all in there!



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4 responses to “Unexpected Gifts

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  2. Old patterns are gorgeous aren’t they. I’m sure my mum had 9273 (I think that’s the number in your photo). And, look at those waists in 3263 (I think it is) – are they for real! Anyhow, I’m impressed with your sewing expertise!

    • What a coincidence! I find the simplicity patterns to be quite generous, but vogue ones to be less forgiving, not much has changed there ~ Even 60 years ago models has extreme proportions, albeit in sketch form. Luckily 3263 is a wrap, so I won’t have to worry about waist lines 🙂

      • Yes, Mum had mostly Simplicity, the odd Butterick and few Vogues. Anyhow, I love your blouse and the button trim. And I loved your discussion of patchwork fabrics. The only sewing I do is patchwork, and that in a very relaxed way, but it is fun and the fabrics are great.

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