The Moon Is Down

Cat Stevens

This book has caused ‘Moonshadow’ by Cat Stevens to be stuck in my head for 4 days. Luckily I love Cat Stevens (saw him live last year. Best. Concert. Ever). Moving on…

Physcially, this book was very pleasant. It’s soft and light, like the story itself. As another second hand eddition from Archives book store , the pages were darkened at the edges, which had the effect of lighting up the words in the centre. Who needs a digital book? It was also the perfect example of what book lovers are talking about when they refer to the smell of a real book. It was musty, distinct and comforting.

I had forgotten why Steinbeck was my favourite author. This reminded me. Like many of Steinbeck’s works, this book is short, simply written, with interesting characters, and no messing about. Like A Passage To India , The Moon is Down drew me in from the first page. Basically, a group invades a small town, tension ensues.


John Steinbeck

One of the nicest things about this little novella is it’s wit. The clever characters’ sharp retorts had me chuckling on more than one occasion. Furthermore, while a line was drawn easily between invaders and invadees, one could sympathise with individuals on both sides.

Anyone who is interested in war or political strategy, or what’s going on with Western invasion anywhere, should enjoy this. Anyone like me, who is peaceful and generally light-hearted, will also love it.

Unsurprisingly, Steinbeck also adapted this to a play. It should be a movie. I could picture it on screen frame by frame. The ending is to die for.

Best quote: The flies have captured the fly paper.


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4 responses to “The Moon Is Down

  1. Really enjoyed your book reviews, I’m putting both Moon and Passage down on my list. And I’d certainly like to visit the Archives bookstore– sounds like my kinda place. The cookie post made me hungry– yum!

    “The flies have captured the fly paper”– I’ll be laughing about that for a week. Cheers from a New Hampshire Yank!

  2. Thanks Delilah. I’ve never read it so I’m inspired to add it to my reading list….and yes, a great quote.

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