Pins and Needles

I have a giant echidna in my living room. That is to say, my couch tends to function as a giant pin cushion. Now, I don’t stick pins in it while I’m sewing, but I do stick them in it as I find them in the weeks following.


I did warn the boy, before we agreed to cohabit, that this was an assumed risk of living with me. Though, I blame the magnetism of my room-mates and family, afterall, I have never stepped on a pin.

 Unfortunately, I loose the argument. Echidnas do not belong in Brisbane, and pins do not belong in couches. Get a pin cushion, you say? I am too clumsy to have the type that attached to the wrist, and to unsteady to have one sitting beside me, where I would have to stop guiding the fabric for a second. Ingeniously, I attached my pin cushion (hand-made) to my sewing machine. It seemed like a good solution, but I have to say, I still only manage to get 50% of the pins into it. 


I am considering attaching some sort of magnet to the machine, but I fear this would interfere with the digital components. What do all the other sewers do about this problem, I wonder?



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4 responses to “Pins and Needles

  1. pagebychapterbybook

    There are magnetic pin “cushions”! The look like shallow cereal bowls and usually come in bright colors. Not too sure about how they would affect the innards of a newer sewing machine; I have only used this type of pin receptacle with old machines from the 80’s.

  2. lifewith4cats

    I have used my couch as pin cushion before too. My hubby is always the one who steps on tacks, needles, and always gets the bone peices in his chicken soup. Guys have no luck that way.
    Maybee you could buy magnetic craft tape? The tape is not so powerful, I don’t think it would hurt the innards. Good luck.

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