Delftware Dress

I had first used this 1957 Vintage Vogue pattern (V2903) to make a Queen of Hearts costume for my sister. I finally had the time and cash to attempt a more wearable version.

This pattern takes 6 metres of fabric, that is a lot, especially when you have a very small working space. I used a quilting fabric because of the beautiful design, which reminds me of Delftware plate motif.

Delftware (Wikimedia Image)

Being quite short, I ended up using only around 5m, as I cut the length a foot shorter, even before hemming. If like me, you find cutting the pattern a most tiresome activity, ready your forearm muscles for this beast. It is 8 large, long pieces, plus facings. Nevertheless, it is really quite a simple sew.

One down side of this pattern is the sleeves, as I learnt first time around. They were designed for a Vogue model, and are only suitable for sitting at a dinner table or standing in front of the sink, no reaching or waving allowed (a lady in the 1950s probably wouldn’t engage in such uncouth behaviour). Needless to say, I left the sleeves off this incarnation. 

1950s Delftware Dress

I added the embellishments of ribbon trim and a button as it is otherwise quite plain. I also wear a tutu/petticoat under-skirt underneath to fluff it out to a truer 1950s style. I didn’t iron in the pleats of this dress, because I quite like the looser flowing feel.

All things considered, I would use this pattern again.


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10 responses to “Delftware Dress

  1. That dress is so pretty! The blue and white patterned fabric is complimented by the style.
    I hate pattern cutting – I want to get at that sewing machine – but you’ve obviously taken great care.
    Well done, you.

  2. This is so cute! You did a fantastic job.

  3. Lovely! I collect Delft and used to have a Delft kitchen. I bought a bunch of blue/white fabric to make a Delft style wall quilt, to adorn a wall in said kitchen in 1992. But…. then I changed my mind, painted the walls hunter green, lost all the fabric and the quilt pattern… Fast forward- last month I found the fabric! Now. Where is the pattern? I have a Delft bathroom at the moment…

  4. lindsaybobindsay

    Whoooooooooaaahhh! Pretty dress! You look great in it! I love that fabric, makes me want to use more prints.

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