Fairy Bread

Is fairy bread an Australian thing? I can’t imagine a kid’s party without it.

The Boy surprised me last night with some fairy bread. Dessert for me is soft white bread with butter. Needless to say, soft white bread with butter and hundreds&thousands is heaven.

He used our new favourite bread. Ray’s Hot Bread in Oxley looks pretty average from the outside. Their ‘high top’ bread, however, is fantastic. The crusts are not dry, and the centre is the softest I have ever eaten. It is silky and delectable. Unlike many factory brands, it also holds the hundreds&thousands very well, as it is more fibrous and natural in its texture. This is important because I am clumsy and am liable to have a rainbow floor.

Here’s a photo:


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5 responses to “Fairy Bread

  1. Hi, Delilah; you left a nice message on my blog re: aprons so I wanted to check out your blog. Are YOU in Australia? You asked if fairy bread is an Aussie thing. It seems to me I have heard of this before or saw something in a booklet – I will have to check it out some more, but I am curious to know if you are in Australia and if so, what part? I have two penpals in western Australia, south of Perth. They were originally childhood girlfriends in England, then Eileen & her mother immigrated to Australia where she grew up, married an Aussie man & raised her family. We began penpaling in 1965. She stayed in touch with her childhood friend Eve and Eve & her husband visited them a few times, then Eve & Ron also immigrated to Australia I have met both of them in person which is an even longer story than this already is. But, want to say I am partial to Australians and Australia (and even have a collection of little kangaroos).
    I don’t SEW but I do cook and bake!
    Sandra (@ sandychatter)

    • Yes, I do live in Australia. I live in Brisbane, Queensland. I would love to venture out west one day but it is a long way, even within the country! I presume you are from England? It’s lovely that you have stayed in touch with your penpals. Do you email or still write letters? I have some friends overseas and we still write a letter to go with gifts occasionally. I just love reading them on pretty paper so much more than online. I sew and bake but I don’t cook. We can’t do everything 🙂

  2. theteapotperspective

    Hello Delilah,

    Thanks for visiting my blog at http://theteapotperspective.wordpress.com …I very much appreciate it. I love your site – the layout is really attractive, very easy on the eye. I’ve added your blog address into my sidebar, so future readers/viewers can click on it and visit you too!

    Kind regards,

  3. haha, this is wonderful! I used to eat white bread and butter as dessert too! Sometimes with chocolate sprinkles, or cinnamon sugar ~ happy memories, thanks!

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